• Discover your mutant power for your chance to WIN an X-MEN and 5X Gum prize pack!

    Do you ever wish you were born with super-human or 'mutant' powers? Would you like to read the thoughts of your friends? Turn invisible? Move objects with your mind? Well, you may not have ability to use these superpowers yourself, but you do have the ability to live vicariously through the awesome lives of those who do in the thrilling new flick - X-MEN First Class.

    To celebrate the launch of the latest in the X-MEN saga, X-MEN First Class, and the release of the deliciously-dark 5X Mutant Gum, our friends at Wrigley's have given us a bundle of awesome X-MEN and 5X Gum prize packs to give away to four lucky GameSpot AU readers. You'll relive all your favourite moments from the X-MEN series while enjoying the new and tasty Limited Edition 5X Mutant Gum.

    Four creative and lucky GameSpotters will be taking home an awesome prize pack. The prize pack includes the ultimate X-MEN Quadrilogy box set and a supply of Limited Edition 5X Mutant Gum to share with your friends.

    The X-MEN Quadrilogy 8-disc box set includes:

    *X-MEN Special Edition

    *X-MEN 2 Special Edition

    *X-MEN The Last Stand Special Edition

    *X-MEN Origins: Wolverine Special Edition

    TO ENTER, we want to know whether you have what it takes to be one of the X-MEN clan. Tell us (in 25 words or less) "What mutant powers would you like to have and what would your mutant name be?" The four most creative and entertaining responses, as judged by the GameSpot AU team, will win the ultimate X-MEN and 5X Mutant Gum prize pack!

    Entries close 5pm July 8th, so ENTER NOW!

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  • FOUR WINNERS WILL RECEIVE: A Limited Edition X-MEN Quadrilogy box set....
  • ....and a supply of delicious Limited Edition 5X Mutant Gum!